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Günther Jakob former chairman of the Einhausen Germany Partnership organization with Shoreview passed away on January 5th.  He was a teacher, club representative, local politician, and above all a family man. He leaves behind his wife Hildegard, his two daughters Christine and Caroline and four grandchildren.

Günther rendered outstanding services to his home town of Einhausen in many ways. For 13 years he was actively involved in the local politics of his community - first as a community representative and chairman of the building committee, later as the chairman of the community council (1981 to 1985) and then as the first deputy (1985 to 1989). The community honored his commitment with the Bronze Medal of Honor.


Günther Jakob was one of the initiators and driving force behind the establishing the sister city relationship between Shoreview and Einhausen. He was a founding member of the partnership association, where he played a key role from 1999 to 2009 as deputy chairman and from 2009 to 2019 as chairman. 


Young people were particularly important to him. He organized the recruitment of host families for schoolchildren visiting Einhausen from the Shoreview area.


Günther along with his wife Hildegard organized numerous trips of adults to Shoreview and other places in US making significant contributions to Einhausen’s relationship between his community and the US. This included a visit to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden with its iconic cherry and spoon. He will be missed.


Submitted by Bill Kiehnbaum, SESCA President


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