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In 2001, the Shoreview-Einhausen Sister City Association (SESCA) was incorporated as a

non-profit organization and we started work on an official sister city agreement. The official sister city partnership agreement was formalized in 2003 after many years of hard work by SESCA Vice President Cheryl Wason. SESCA continues to help foster personal relationships between our sister city and residents of the greater Shoreview area as well as provide residents with cultural awareness opportunities.

Our group offers memberships that start at just $15 per year.

Bill Kiehnbaum


As President of SESCA, Bill is our fearless leader and he continues to make our organization known. He has traveled many times to Einhausen and maintains strong ties with their leadership. Bill also is a volunteer with other notable organizations in the Shoreview community.

Cheryl Wason

Founder & Vice President

Cheryl has made SESCA what it is today. She continues to lead students and groups to Einhausen, Germany and other European cities, thus strengthening the relationships between our two cities. She is a former German teacher, now retired, but still can be seen teaching classes at the University of Minnesota occasionally!

Roger Hintze


Roger supports our organization as our trusted treasurer. Roger has been a member and board member for several years and can be seen volunteering a many of SESCA's events and is an active member of his community.

Feel free to contact Roger if you have any questions regarding payments for events or donations to SESCA.

Patty Raeker

Board of Directors

Patty is a great ambassador for our group! She frequently (seriously, we're envious) gets to travel to Einhausen Germany and was recently there to celebrate the town's 1,250th Birthday celebration. 

Patty can also be seen at our many events throughout the year.

Dean Raeker

Board of Directors

Dean has a great enthusiasm for the people of Einhausen and he and his wife, Patty (pictured left) were both an integral part of making the Einhausen Rooster gift a success. Dean also assists with our Facebook page and uses his photography and technology talents to make us look great. 

Jen Leach

Web & Communications

Jen handles our email communications, web design and graphics. She lived in Germany while in high school and has continued to travel there as often as possible!

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